& restore your physical and mental well-being

I help those with all health and wellbeing challenges, particularly ones that are a result of a success-driven lifestyle.  I particularly specialise in working with high-flying executives or business people who are not enjoying their success or lives.  Who have attained success but who feel empty or lacking any joy.  Or who keep nearly achieving outstanding success but self-sabotage with their thoughts or actions.  This can often lead to unwanted addictive behaviour.

I specialise in helping women whose daily lives are incompatible with their mental and physical wellbeing and life balance.

I also specialise in treating men who outwardly appear to have it all but inwardly just want the turmoil to stop or to be in control of physical and mental issues that are damaging their life.

People who want to be free from pain and who yearn to find balance and joy once more.

I am also a therapist’s therapist and work effectively with therapists from a wide variety of disciplines including Psychiatry, Hypnotherapy and RTT who find my methodology effective and empathetic should they have issues they wish to work on it their own lives.

What’s more, not only do I achieve great success, but also I specialise in doing it quickly; usually in two to three sessions, sometimes only one.

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My method of rapid transformational therapy works.

Sessions can be conducted in Newark-on-Trent or via Zoom/Skype for other locations.  I have a growing Worldwide following and find Zoom sessions as effective as face to face sessions.  I hold a monthly clinic in Central London.

Read Louise R’s success story

“I am blown away by what Ros has done for me in just one session! She can get to the root cause of the issue and solve it efficiently. I was able to participate on a panel at a high level industry conference, and do so with ease and confidence. It was something I had been dreading and I ended up looking forward to it! I listened to the recording right before my panel, and Ros’s words were in my head as I stood up in front of very senior people, and it lifted me. When I wavered slightly, her words came back to me, and I returned to being a “bulletproof public speaker” which was our theme and goal. I asked my fellow panelists for honest feedback and got this: “You were focused, concise, gave practical examples, and were relaxed and amusing”. Exactly what I wanted to achieve!

Ros has razor sharp intellect, emotional intelligence in spades and such unique life experience that she sees really quickly what your thinking patterns are and how to fix them, then does this with such conviction of the outcome that it cannot fail to happen! I am truly thankful, you are truly gifted and you change lives.” Read more success stories

I can help you with a specific issue you have already identified or guide you and free you from pain and unhappiness that you can’t even identify.
My areas of expertise include:

  • relationships (attracting and sustaining love)
  • physical well-being
  • mental well-being
  • confidence/self-esteem/depression/anxiety
  • sexual issues/infertility/conception & birth
  • addictions/fears & phobias
  • public speaking & peak performance
  • weight loss and weight issues

Sessions can be conducted in Newark or via Skype for other locations.  I am also regularly in London.

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